Volume IV

Belvedor and the Golden Rule-Kindle Cove
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Available in ebook!

Available in ebook!

The Final Installment of the Belvedor Saga is Now Available!

The final installment in the Belvedor Saga!

A story that began with a young and fearless warrior-slave trapped in the Four Corners has now erupted in a fiery trail towards freedom across the world of Olleb-Yelfra. Arianna Belvedor has finally found her magic, but at what cost? 

The further she strays from her chains, the faster the Shadow Resistance closes in on her. And with every step that she takes, she leaves a footprint of magic and blood behind, attracting more enemies still. Now, Solomon Bell—her truest friend turned foe—has finally caught up.

Forced to separate from the Guardians of Gold as Solomon takes her captive for the King, Arianna is all alone, no one to rely on but herself. And alone, she will finally come face to face with her truest terrors. Does she have what it takes to survive her most difficult journey yet? 

Find out as we follow our heroine to the very end in the final installment of the Belvedor Saga. Arianna Belvedor will either win or die—whichever her fate, freedom is certain.

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