Volume III

Belvedor and the Desert of Secrets
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Belvedor and the Desert of Secrets

"With a fresh fire burning in her soul and a new challenge waiting ahead, Arianna led the way as she and her friends, her proven family, started the arduous journey across the boundless Black Sand Sea." - Belvedor and the King's Curse


Arianna Belvedor and friends are on the run again, but this time they’ve found the untamed desert for a sandy setting. It won’t be long before King Devlindor or his necromancer pins them down on their hunt, but Arianna won’t make it easy. They’re Guardians of Gold now, protectors of the forbidden and forgotten magic of the world, and they’ve learned a few things since escaping the Four Corners. 


But the desert is known to play tricks on unwary travelers and magic has a mind of its own, leading them astray and into danger more times than not.


Arianna may be more powerful now – a warrior, a witch, a guardian – but she learns quickly that her power and knowledge is only a shimmer compared to that of her mentors, her enemies, and any last remnants of the mystifying Golden Age just waiting to be dug up. Stick with Arianna as she fights with both magic and metal to stand up to the shadows consuming her world and unearth the secrets buried beneath the sand. They won’t always be pleasant, but each new revelation brings her closer to achieving her quest for true freedom – ‘Kill the King!’

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