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Volume I

Belvedor and the Four Corners
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Belvedor and the Four Corners
2017 Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion Award Winner

Seventeen-year-old Arianna Belvedor has only ever dreamed of winning her freedom from the Four Corners – a cold and cruel city where all the children of the world are locked away until getting the chance to earn their rights to citizenship at eighteen.


Arianna is just months away from having her turn, and her skills as a warrior will surely give her an edge during the final battle at the annual Free Falls Festivals – ‘Free for the slaves who earn their citizenship. Falls for the ones who die.’ But her talent with a sword doesn’t outmaneuver the burning curiosities of her heart, leading her to unearth a shocking yet spectacular secret about the King and his tyranny.


The world as she knows it is a lie. And the King that she serves didn’t earn his crown… he stole it.


Immerse yourself in this addictive new fantasy series as Arianna Belvedor takes on her dark and dangerous world to uncover its magic and more than earn her rights to freedom.

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