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February 11, 2015

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Southport High School Author Talk

April 18, 2017

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Law of the Four Corners

April 18, 2014


Avid readers may appreciate this dedication to the City of the Four Corners. I thought it could offer a little more insight into how the brutal city operates and what basic guidlines helped to shape it. There are only ten solid rules that regulate the city,  but their effectiveness in producing worthy, strong citizens is uncanny....


Law of the 4 Corners

Freedom is a title earned

*Defiance of any rule is subject to extreme punishment or death*


1.  No slave may have contact with another outside their perspective corner


2.  Each slave shall be issued a number upon entering the city and shall be referenced by this number until citizenship is granted


3.  Each slave must attend all pre-determined general education lessons daily


4.  Each slave must reach an adequacy level of six in their profession by their 18th ceremony in order to be a contestant in the Free Falls Festivals


5.  A Brass Bell shall be placed in each corner for various announcements whose sound shall be obeyed incontestably: 


         One ring shall signify that all slaves should begin their schedules

         Two rings shall signify that all slaves should be seated in the learning center

         Three rings shall signify a gathering in the district center

         Ten rings shall signify curfew; all slaves must be in their sleeping quarters by the final sound


6.  Slave years five through fifteen must attend group training for specialized skills five hours a day


7.  Slave years thirteen through eighteen must attend smaller group training for specialized skills six hours a day 


          -Exception: any notable trainer may choose to provide private lessons to any exceptional slave at any time for which he is solely responsible


8.  Each slave must follow their schedule precisely unless otherwise permitted


9.  If a slave dies before or during the Free Falls Festivals on their 18th year, they shall be buried in the Tunnel of Tombs without ceremony


10. All slaves must attend and survive the Free Fall Festivals at their 18th ceremony in order to be considered for citizenship




Put yourself in the shoes of Arianna Belvedor or any other slave of this city. Could you survive in a world with so many rules? Personally, I think its better to follow your own path. :)


**Photo Credit to Katerina Plotnikova**


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